Concert - ATOLL - Vendredi 24 mai

Concert Vendredi 24 mai ATOLL au chateau de sannes

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Art exhibition : KiRoe "LIGHTS"

Born in 1985 in Kiel in Germany, Katharina Paillot, whose artist name is KiRoe, left the Baltic Sea in 2004 with a specialty plastic arts high school diploma in her pocket to settle in France.
Self-taught, she developed her artistic creativity and technique, especially in oil painting at the Atelier d'Aix, which she worked with from 2005 to 2018.
Her artist name comes from her childhood nickname associated with the first 3 letters of her maiden name, Ki Roe. Since 2022, KiRoe has set up its own workshop in Saint-Cannat near Aix-en-Provence and offers abstract and custom paintings.
She gets her inspiration from nature, in particular from observed movements and lights.

It will be possible to discover her exposition in the shop of the Chateau de Sannes from 21th of November 2023 to 8th od January 2024.
A previate view night is plan on the friday 24th of November from 7pm to 10pm.

KiRoe - Katharina Paillot

Art shows

Petra Wauters

Exposition Petra Wauters

Alongside her activities as a painter and painting workshop instructor, Pétra Wauters has devoted herself to cultural journalism for over thirty years in the field of arts and entertainment, working for various French and foreign newspapers. Since 2004, she has been pursuing her two passions, painting and writing, and regularly exhibits her work.

Adeline Dutel

Adeline Dutel

A word from the artist: "After training at the MJM Graphic School in Lyon and winning a silver medal at the Van der Kelen school in Brussels in 1990, I worked as a decorative painter for fifteen years. Finally, in 2016, I moved to Provence to devote myself entirely to my career as a painter."

Aki Kuroda

Aki Kuroda

Aki Kuroda is a Japanese artist who lives and works in Paris. He was born on 4 October 1944 in Kyoto and began painting at the age of three. As a child, he was fascinated by the surrealist magazine Minotaure, which his father received from Paris. Raised in a cultural environment, one of his grandfathers was the first Japanese to visit Vincent van Gogh in his Paris studio.

Aki Kuroda exhibited for the first time at the age of 10, and likes to say that he has been painting since he could hold a brush.


Thierry Lefort, painting and its shadow.

Thierry Lefort is impervious to fashions and trends in the art world, and pursues with rare fidelity a certain idea of painting, the same idea that drove Cézanne to return tirelessly to the motif with the obstinacy of a monk focusing his gaze on the one god. As a fervent admirer of the master of Aix, Thierry Lefort perpetuates the gesture of taking painting out of the studio. Doesn't he bring it down to the street, drawing the material for his future canvases in situ from the urban spaces of Paris and Los Angeles?


Jacques Prévert & Joan Miró

The Château de Sannes had the great privilege of exhibiting works from the book "Les Adonides" in its exhibition shop. A veritable artistic gem, this book brings together poems by Jacques Prévert, illustrated by his friend Joan Miró.
Words "à la Prévert", in his own distinctive style. In an apparent simplicity, we find his humour, his taste for the marvellous and the fantastic. He liked to play with words, just as Miró played with shapes and colours. The two friends responded to each other.
From then on, each lithograph was a testimony to their friendship. It's as if Miró soaked up Prévert's poems, and the reverse is also true, as we know that the poet was fascinated by the Catalan painter's paintings.  In this way, the poet's highly visual handwriting blends with the painter's signs and colours in the works on exhibition

Eric de Castro pour son exposition au Chateau de Sannes


The Franco-German artist ERIC DECASTRO studied art with Professor Markus Lüpertz at the Kunstakademie Kolbermoor in Bavaria. His work is exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. In 2023, exhibitions are planned in Peru and Mexico, among other places. He is also represented in major collections in Germany, the United States and South America. Decastro has devoted himself to figurative painting for over 20 years. After a meeting with the Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch in 2008, he ventured into the various facets of abstraction, which he is increasingly seeking to integrate into his own materials.

Thematically, Decastro is interested in the theme of the ephemeral. "The viewer is drawn into a colourful and poetic cosmos deliberately designed to give the illusion of landscapes or outdoor spaces. The meditative qualities of his work ensure that the viewer becomes immersed in the painting and experiences a state of inner peace.

Lumieres par KiRoe au Chateau de Sannes en 2023-2024

"Lumières" de KiRoe

Née en 1985 à Kiel en Allemagne, Katharina Paillot, de son nom d'artiste KiRoe, quitte la mer Baltique en 2004 avec un bac spécialité arts plastiques en poche pour s'installer en France. Autodidacte, elle développe sa créativité artistique et sa technique surtout en peinture à l'huile à l'Atelier d'Aix qu'elle côtoie de 2005 à 2018. Son nom d'artiste lui vient de son surnom d'enfance associé aux 3 premières lettres de son nom de jeune fille, Ki Roe. Depuis 2022, KiRoe a installé son propre atelier à Saint-Cannat près d'Aix-en-Provence et propose des peintures abstraites et sur mesure.
Elle puisse son inspiration dans la nature, en particulier dans les mouvements et les lumières observés.