Ouverture Exceptionnelle

La boutique du Château vous accueille le weekend de l'ascension du jeudi 18/05 au dimanche 21/05 inclus 

Ainsi que le weekend de la Pentecôte le dimanche 28/05 et le lundi 29/05.

Nous restons ouverts pour vos achats et des dégustations, profitez-en !



Découvrir la visite virtuelle

Domaine de SANNES

An air of timelessness permeates the shade cast by the Sannes plane trees. The air’s blue gaze tempts you along the honey-coloured drive leading to the chateau. The old mill drinks in the gentle wind above the green strokes of vineyards painted on the Luberon landscape. The sunshine beats down on summer’s red cherries embraced by lavender’s mauve fragrance.

Step into the garden’s cool air...

Domaine de Sannes

1603 Rosé

With its sparkling, bright colour, our rosé delivers a wonderful citrus freshness and dominant pink grapefruit flavour on the nose and in the initial taste. Tasting this wine reveals a gourmet fruity profile with a subtle balance.

This delicate rosé is an ideal pre-dinner drink and can be paired with light dishes, fish, soufflés and Asian cuisine.

Médaille d'or



Enchantment is everywhere at Sannes. Everything is perfect for your dreams. Enjoy a break at an estate where time stands still, with exceptional gardens surrounded by vines, and the romance of its wonderful days full of sunshine and harmony.

Our caterer, Roland Paix, will make your event sublime.

Striving for excellence

Excellence thrives on restrictions. Those imposed by organic and biodynamic crops encourage ever more advanced work.

Renaissance 1

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