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Château de Sannes was a simple lodge built by Jean de Thibaud de Tisati, the King’s advisor.

French-style garden

French-style garden

His son, Melchior, was a gentleman of His Royal Highness the Duke of Orleans. He transformed the lodge into a stately manor house and added a chapel in 1661. The Château de Sannes was born. Its French-style garden was laid out behind the water feature.

Domaine de Sannes

Domaine de Sannes

Antoine de Saquy became the Lord of Sannes by marriage. The estate was adorned with the two families’ monogram. During the 17th century, his son Charles-François oversaw the chateau’s expansion and the estate entrance’s creation during the modern agronomics era.

devoted to winegrowing

dedicated to winegrowing

The Sannes estate came back to life and its production was devoted to winegrowing.



The chateau and its annexes were stunningly restored and tastefully decorated.



Pierre Gattaz bought the estate and oversaw the vineyard’s conversion to organic production.