Ouverture Exceptionnelle

La boutique du Château vous accueille le weekend de l'ascension du jeudi 18/05 au dimanche 21/05 inclus 

Ainsi que le weekend de la Pentecôte le dimanche 28/05 et le lundi 29/05.

Nous restons ouverts pour vos achats et des dégustations, profitez-en !



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Domaine de SANNES

Domaine de Sannes
coeur de pierre

An air of timelessness permeates the shade cast by the Sannes plane trees. The air’s blue gaze tempts you along the honey-coloured drive leading to the chateau. The old mill drinks in the gentle wind above the green strokes of vineyards painted on the Luberon landscape. The sunshine beats down on summer’s red cherries embraced by lavender’s mauve fragrance.

Step into the garden’s cool air...

Domaine de Sannes

As the rising sun dries the morning dew, the shutters open to embrace the warmth and fill the chateau with the vineyard’s nocturnal fragrances carried on the gentle morning breeze. It is as if the chateau walls are inhaling the garden flowers. Life appears at every window. With daybreak come sounds. The footsteps of friends under the white plasterwork emerge with the daylight.

The chateau resonates like a large stone heart with voices calling each other under its roof.

Domaine de Sannes

Sitting beneath the chateau’s olive trees in this landscape of amazingly pure forms, you can learn many things with sparkling ideas and ultra vivid realities.

Here, beneath the Sannes olive trees, your thoughts can wander.

There is as much to see in an olive tree as in the entire world. Its solid branches and human-like trunk speak of twilight. Take the time to study them, as they have taken the time to live in harmony with our work.

Olfactory Walk

Flower beds, water features, regular paths, irregular woods, French-style garden, vales, meadows, ponds, vines, fields of olive trees, garden walls covered with flowers and fruit trees ranging from carefully pruned to completely wild... The Sannes garden creates a balance between intelligence and the senses.

In the garden, we delight in the beauty of it all.

Domaine de Sannes

Bridle path
towards the woods

Every step further along the bridle path brings a new idea. If there is value in the thoughts we have while walking, this is the path to take. The music of silence, the promise of evening, the harmonics of the breeze through the blushing vine leaves, the odour of tannins, the woods that are the stuff of dreams, the charm of a hidden pond, the substance of living things; you suddenly feel part of the landscape. Whoever feels that way right here should be happy from morning till night, with pure clarity.

Domaine de Sannes

The evening arrives after sunset, a time when the light lingers beyond your expectations, before the night carries it away. This is a time when light seems to radiate from inside the walls and rise from the water separated by our arms. A transformation occurs

... stone becomes light.

Domaine de Sannes

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