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Accueil | Our Great Wines | Castini
Profound & Explosive



In 2023, Chateau de Sannes launched a new cuvée called Castini. A very profound and high end white wine, aged in a sandstone jar for two years after vinification in oak and acacia wooden barrels. This micro cuvée offers an explosion of the senses combining gourmandise and minerality.

The name Castini means "Chateaux" in the Celtic language. Beyond the Gallo-Roman origins embodied by our other cuvée; Aciana, there was a presence of Celtic people on our lands 4000 years ago. This can be explained by the presence of the many natural resources here and a barrow north of the property.

Castini White, 2020, AOP Luberon, limited edition with only 2400 bottles being made.


Eau de Parfum Songe de Sannes